Zoeller Sump Pump and Check Valve

  • This sump pump has 1/3 horse power and pumps 1350 gallons per hour.
  • Best for residential use
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Cast iron submersible pump
  • Only pump on the market that will pass 1/4 stone through without failure

Zoeller Battery Back-UP

  • We use the heaviest deep cycle marine battery
  • 36 hours of pump time, compared to retail pumps at 6-7 hours
  • A separate check valve is included
  • Wall mounted computer charger included

Glass Block Windows

  • Energy efficient windows-reduces heating and cooling costs
  • Light/transparency-no need for curtains/blinds , so more natural light can enter through.
  • Privacy-Patterns in the block distort vision,so a person looking into your basement cannot clearly see inside.
  • Security-The blocks hold up great during extreme weather because they cannot be easily broken or dismantled.
  • Curb appeal-a dramatic and upscale look


” Humidex, your solution for excess humidity and poor air quality. This innovative ventilation unit provides a healthier home environment by improving the air quality and expelling moist air that nurtures molds and creates condensation.”

Fortress Stabilization Systems

“Fortress Stabilization Systems, LLC, an industry leader in home foundation repair and concrete reinforcement utilizing carbon fiber technologies.Homeowners now have access to the same concrete reinforcement and stabilization that Fortress uses in major highway, parking structure, bridge and high-rise construction.” As a certified dealer we can fix your cracked and bowed walls permanently.